Doug Sensei: Nov Eve Classes


Doug Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat

November Evening Classes

Monday Nov 11th – 7:30 pm
Bliss, Clarity and Non-Clinging in relationship to Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation.

Tuesday Nov 12th – 7:30 pm
Bliss, Clarity and Non-Clinging in relationship to Non-Dual Awareness. Teachings on Union and Flow.

Thursday Nov 14th – 7:30 pm
Bliss, Clarity and Non-Clinging in relationship to the development of Calm abiding and Insight (Vipassana), The Questioning mind, and signs to note when the meditation is working.

Venue for the three evenings: 175 Garnett Road (cnr Garnett and Faulder) Westmere.

Cost: $15 (waged) or $10 (assisted) plus Dana (Koha) – donation to the Teacher.

Bliss, Clarity and Non-Clinging (Compassion, Wisdom and Non-Clinging Awareness) comprise the essence of mindfulness practice. In this age of stress, anxiety and worry, many programs and courses are designed to improve how we feel. Too often these are mere band-aid fixes, rather than the lasting solutions that we long for. It helps to remember here that a lasting solution, or anything worthwhile in fact, requires diligent application.

One of the compelling things about the Path is that purification is the only work to be done. What is actually happening in the purification process? The answer is that conflicting emotions and erroneous views, which hide and distort the awakened state, come to light and are resolved, resulting in a state of mind naturally filled with luminosity and bliss. Non-clinging becomes our appearance in the world of action. From this vantage point, View, Action and Path become synonymous terms. With non-clinging as the View, clarity is the Path, and our actions are oriented from bliss.

These teachings focus on cultivating the foundation that underlies good states.

The Buddha first taught the methodology 2,500 years ago and it’s still going strong; clearly, the dharma must be working.

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or phone/text: 021 548 781