A series of lectures given by Namgyal Rinpoche at Pamukkale, Turkey in August 1975.
Introduction: Stuart Hertzog
Final Editor: Cecilie Jones


When you think of enlightenment many of you fall into the error of viewing it as something out there that you must attain, but in actual fact it is more a process of discovery. To begin right practice, start with awareness of yourself. What are you? A process of corruption, or of confusion ? Or are you a being of question, of awareness ? Become conscious of yourself; of your body, speech and mind. The first stage is to find out if the tree of your being has limbs and then to discover where they extend.

The spiritual life is an opening-up process. You start with self-awareness, centering the ego in your body, then gradually move to an awareness of environment, awareness of yourself walking through the space around you. Know this flow. If you practice correctly, this will open into jhanic absorption; the joy state will spread out from the centre of the mandala – yourself. In the first stage you are just watching everything ticking away, watch the rising and passing away of phenomena. Then this awareness is extended and you develop more abundant life – you will experience Stream Entry. But again, I would like to stress that you do not attain enlightenment.

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