Lama Mark Webber 2014 Auckland Teachings

  • 09:30 AM

2014 Auckland Teachings by Lama Mark Webber

April 26-27th,  9:30am – 12:30 pm Saturday and Sunday:
What is stress, how it happens, what it does, and how it will go away! Uncovering the Awake-Compassionate Mind of Freedom. Public Classes

April 29-30th, Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:30am – 5:30 pm.:
“Liberation of What? Therapy, Mindfulness, Healing and Liberation” (Workshop for Professionals)

May 2nd to May 11th: Retreat at Bella Rakha. 
The Essence of Vipassana: teachings and retreat: teaching and practice from Burmese, Mahamudra and Dzogchen approaches.

May 14th, Wednesday 7:30 pm.:
Vajrasattva Empowerment and Pith Teachings. Excellent for those wishing to begin the studying, receive teachings and practice the Vajrayana and Tantric Paths. Vajrasattva being part of the Extra-ordinary Foundations.

May 16 -18th. Friday Evening 7:30 pm., Empowerment. Saturday 10 am. Sunday 10am.
Empowerment and teachings of the Peaceful Red Two Armed Chenresig, called “Stirrer of Samsara’s Pit”. A wondrous practice from the Ocean of the Dharma Milk of Profound Treasures.

May 20-21st., Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30 pm.
The Empowerment and teachings of Fierce Guru with Phurba from the lineage of Terton Mingyur Dorje. Closed, by application only.

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Freedom of What? Therapy, Mindfulness, Healing and Liberation

A two-day workshop primarily for Professionals

In this workshop, Lama Mark Webber will explore the interconnections between therapy, meditation, mindfulness, healing and new discoveries in brain science. The key theme will be “what gets shifted, changed or liberated in all these modalities?” The emphasis will be on meditative experiments and theory showing the importance of allowing for openness, investigation and discovery. Beginning with the sensory motor system–all rooted in physiology, which is interdependent on our experience of self and world. Additionally, Lama Mark will point out how tranquility, kindness and deep calm arise and explore this with workshop participants. We will learn about the profound link between mindfulness, breath and the natural plasticity and openness of the nervous system. This is a wonderful opportunity for professional therapists to explore deeply, take care of their being and thereby further enrich the lives of their clients.

Lama Mark writes: “The human mind is capable of an enormous range of plasticity, healing, transformation and Insight. And, we are capable of experiencing extraordinary ranges of suffering and happiness. You as professionals want people to be happy and well adjusted in life—free of dysfunction and mal-adaptions. However, what really is it that we are, changing, liberating or freeing up? Is it a shift, a change in how we understand ourselves and the world or something quite life changing? To me, this is the heart of what we do and requires more conscious definition and practice in all the modalities that we apply. Mindfulness and meditation, especially from the Buddhist tradition are being used and incorporated more frequently into the therapy and the healing arts. Here we will address what the Buddhist tradition of liberation defines as real freedom, the ‘measuring sticks’ so to speak, and why, when and how the meditations are applied and when they really work”

Some Topics Covered:

  • Defining the terms: meditation; mindfulness; awareness and Insight (Vipassana).
  • Exploring the importance of fostering openness in the sensory motor system—
    especially the eyes, mouth and hands.
  • What needs to be in place before meditation and mindfulness are effective—why
    we need to keep on learning kindness for ourselves and others.
  • How deep calm and tranquility arises, signs and sidetracks.
  • Why breath, contact and sensation is the royal road to mindfulness and tranquility. What blocks mindfulness and tranquility?
  • How the nervous system can be re-organized—examples and experiments.
  • What mental factors and attitudes must be present and the investigations leading to Insight (Vipassana) and thus real liberation.
  • Illuminating the differences between the modes of: technique and contemplative awareness.
  • How compassion emerges and why it is important to make it central to any spiritual or liberative growth.


The Essence of Vipassana: teaching and practice from Burmese, Mahamudra and Dzogchen approaches.


May 2nd to May 11th: Retreat at Bella Rakha.


We are fortunate to have Lama Mark Webber lead a ten-day retreat and give teachings on the many facets of Vipassana as taught in the Buddhist meditation tradition. Lama Mark will explain the essence and purpose behind the Buddha’s classic discourse, the foundation teaching on the practice of Vipassana, called The Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Many Vipassana traditions arose over the centuries from this profound discourse. Lama Mark will give guidance concerning the necessity of loving-kindness meditation to change our physiology and cognitive maps, support Insight

meditation and  the unfolding great wisdom. He will clarify that mindfulness practice as taught throughout the South East Asian Buddhist Insight traditions is essential but one of a number of indispensable, classically taught qualities that must be recognized and nurtured for worthy meditation. In addition he will outline the vast dimensions of Insight, especially compassion, then include a survey of the common misunderstandings and ‘pit-falls’ to be avoided along the Path. Lama Mark will connect this essential training to include the approaches of meditation and view found in the Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions.

“All these traditions of practice are founded and connected by an essential point. Let’s find that out!” (LMW)