Skype Q&A with Lama Mark: 10am-11am Sunday 20 May

Skype Q&A with Lama Mark: Practitioners questions on teachings or practice (10am-11am Sunday 20 May)

The Queenstown Dharma Centre is pleased to announce the first of a series of regular skype calls with Lama Mark. We were all fortunate to attend the Lama’s teachings in February and March and many of us walked away with renewed intention to move along our path. A few months down the track you may have questions arising from those teachings or subsequent practice or would just like another opportunity to connect to a very special teacher and keep the Dharma alive in your heart. We have requested, and Lama Mark has kindly accepted, to join with us on skype on a regular basis to take questions on the teachings or your practice. The skype call will replace the Sunday sadhana and will be followed by coffee and cake in the library at around 11am.

Lama Mark holds these call with other centres round the world and finds that they are most productive if students have prepared their questions. Can you please email any questions you would like to ask the Lama to by Wednesday 16 May and we will forward to Lama Mark. You will have the opportunity on the day to ask your question or we can ask it for you.