2012 Amnyi Rinpoche

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FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS – Teachings with Amnyi Rinpoche

December 2012

Teachings start this weekend Saturday December 1st in Queenstown, For those that would like to join us to greet Rinpoche at the Airport, he will be arriving Wednesday 28 December 2.20pm on Air New Zealand NZ5373, please meet us in the Arrival area of the Airport. Please also feel free to forward this email onto anyone you may feel will benefit from these teachings; they have not been publicly advertised. All Welcome.

QUEENSTOWN TEACHINGS: Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd December 2012.
10am – 12pm / 3 – 5pm daily sessions.
Queenstown Dharma Centre, 12 Lake Street, Queenstown.WANAKA TEACHINGS: (different venue per day) Saturday 8th December – Sunday 9th December 2012.
Saturday 8th December, 10am -12pm / 3pm – 5pm. East Common Room, Mount Aspiring College, Plantation Rd, Wanaka.
Sunday 9th Decemeber,10am -12pm / 3 – 5pm. St John’s Rooms, 4 Link Way, Wanaka.

Without exception, everyone wants to be happy and to avoid difficulties. Yet no matter how hard we try, suffering happens to us all. The suffering of being away from the things we like or being in situations we don’t like; the pains of growing up, illness, old age and finally death.The Four Noble Truths describe how these unwanted, difficult events are a product of how we live but that they can be avoided by understanding how they are caused. The Four Noble Truths were the first teachings given by the Buddha but are so vast in extent and profound in their implications that they are said to contain all of his teachings that followed.

Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche has been trained by some of the greatest teachers of this time in Tibet. His teaching helps us understand the genuine meaning of Buddhist thought – what he calls the ‘juice’ of the teaching – in ways anyone can understand. This will be one of very few opportunities to hear Rinpoche for the next year or so as his responsibilities will take him overseas for extended periods.