Established in 1997 the Queenstown Dharma Centre is dedicated to embracing the full richness of life through meditation, insight and fellowship. The Centre welcomes both residents and visitors to Queenstown.

We practice wisdom, compassion and awareness in a non-sectarian context for the benefit of all. By focusing on the essence of great teachings and practices of liberation we can come to recognise and embrace our inherent freedom.

The Dharma Centre is operated by the Lake Street Trust, a registered charitable trust. The purposes of the Trust are:

(1) To support beings to awaken to Wisdom and Compassion through Non-clinging awareness, and

(2) To foster openhearted inquiry into the interconnectedness of all manifestations of life.

(3) In regard to these purposes the activities of the Trust will be:

(a) Principally (but not exclusively) in the great traditions of Buddhadharma (the teachings of awakening)

(b) Free from any sectarianism and

(c) Charitable

(4) The Trust in furtherance of its purposes will encourage the development of a range of appropriate expressions of these teachings of healing and awakening, by various teachers in ways that are meaningful to beings from a wide variety of walks and persuasions of life.

Diversity and Inclusivity Statement

In offering a spiritual refuge for awakening, QDC is committed to cultivating a community that reflects the diversity of our society and our world. We welcome with equality, people of diverse identities, including those of all races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities, classes, religions, marital status, abilities and ages, and that all may feel safe and respected within this community.