Nicolina Sebok

Nicolinabio2In 2004, Nicolina Sebok began studying Buddha Dharma and meditation with Lama Mark Webber (  She has completed both short and long term directed and self guided retreats, including a four-month Abhidhamma and Insight retreat and most recently a three-month Vajra Yogini retreat. She has offered Qi Gong classes as part of Lama Mark’s retreats.  Nicolina’s main Qi Gong training began in 2008, in Dr. Steven Aung’s style (, Aung Medical Qi Gong.  As well, Nicolina apprenticed with one of his long time student’s Linda Totino as part her teacher training in Victoria, BC.

She has taught Qi Gong in Vancouver, Galiano Island, Victoria, Kinmount, Ontario and Guatemala.

In an addition to her practice of exploring Qi, she offers Tui Na Massage (also a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Her energy training began with Reiki in 2003.