2012 Lama Mark Webber

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Queenstown Dharma House, 12 Lake Street (Rear of Building via Access Way)
Week 1) Teachings and meditations on Emptiness (Sunyata)
  • Saturday April 7th: 7:30 pm – Introductory talk
  • Sunday April 8th: 7:30 pm – Class
  • Tuesday April 10th: 7:30 pm – Class
  • Wednesday April 11th: 7:30 pm – Class
  • Thursday April 12th: 7:30 pm – Questions and Answers
Why experiencing and understanding Emptiness is the most loving and compassionate thing one
can do! Why it is essential for awakening and liberation of afflictive emotions.
Pointing out the illusory nature of self, being and things, What Emptiness is and is not…or neither!
Meditations on many of the classic twelve examples of Illusion from the Indian Buddhist tradition: Magic, Moon in Water, A
Visual Distortion, A Mirage, A Dream, An Echo, The City of Gandharvas, An Optical Illusion, Rainbows, Lighting, Water
Bubbles, and A Reflection in a Mirror. Some examples, explanations and meditations crafted from modern neuroscience and
cognition research; The Union of Emptiness and Compassion.
Week 2) Movie Yoga: Theatre of the Mind, Meditations on Illusoriness, Freedom of Mind and
the nature of Emptiness-Compassion
  • Saturday April 14: 9:30am – 5pm (approximate times) – Movie Yoga
  • Sunday April 15th: 9:30am – 5pm (approximate times) – Movie Yoga
  • Monday April 16th: 7:30pm – Questions and Answers
  • Friday April 20th: 7:30pm – Questions and Answers
Week 3) Empowerment and Practice of Buddhist Tantra
  • Saturday April 21: 7:30pm – Purpose and Nature of Yidam Yoga and Tantra
  • Sunday April 22: 9:30 am – The Empowerment of Padmasambhava (Urgyen Kalden
  • Drendze) 7:30 pm – teachings on the practice text
  • Monday April 23: 9am – Group Meditation Practice
  • Tuesday April 24th: 9am – Group Meditation Practice & 7.30 pm – The Great View – Nature of Mind and the Union of Compassion and Wisdom
  • Wednesday April 25th: 9am – Group Meditation
  • Friday April 27th – Dharma community supper together TBA
The Initiation, teachings and practice of Urgyen Kalden Drendze:
The Excellent Path of Spiritual and Temporal Well-Being — The Activity Practice of Urgyen Kalden Drendze, The Lord of Uddiyana,
Guide to the Fortunate.
One of the twelve manifestations of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), a treasure text revealed by the great terton Urgyen
Chemchog Nuden Tsal. A practice for pacifying illness, famine, drought and the “Age of Weapons.”
Initiation (Wongkur) of this form of Guru Rinpoche, Meditation sessions (sadhana) on this revealed practice of Guru Rinpoche
and teachings on the Individual Special Activities Related to the practice. Explanation and teachings on the profound meanings
found throughout the entire text, including how and why we practice Yidam (Deity) Yoga.
COST: $10 Per Session + Dana (affordable donations) gratefully accepted.
For more information please vist: or for more information on Lama Mark Webber please vist Please note session times vary week to week)