2013 Vajra Yogini Retreat

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 The Full Empowerment into the Mandala of Vajra Yogini:

A 3-Month Retreat

With Lama Mark Webber

At the Wangapeka Retreat Centre, New Zealand,

February 16 to May 18th, 2013.



This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the mandala of Vajra Yogini (Dorje Phagmo “Adamantine Sow”) in a three-month retreat with Lama Mark Webber. Participants will be initiated into, and have the guidance and time to meditate on, the deep yogas of this Highest Yoga Tantra of the Mother Line.


This is a unique and rare opportunity to deeply explore and develop the profound nature of Yidam Yoga with teachings on compassion, inner yogas, Six Yogas of Naropa and Mahamudra (Mind Essence/Naked Mind). In addition, energy balancing and movement sessions will be held. Meditation interviews and personal guidance will be available throughout the retreat.


The first week to ten days before the Wong-kur will be devoted to blessing and preparing the retreat environment; including painting the mandala, setting up the shrine, individual and public spaces. In addition, during this period, Lama Mark will give some classes and lead micro/macro-scopic studies on the inter-dependance, diversity and mutualistic, symbiotic and parasitic activities of all life.



Lama Mark’s teaching style is non-sectarian and universalist which displays for beings the wondrous unity, uniqueness and intrinsic freedom of all life. His teaching is classically founded, but well integrated with science, art and nature. His work with people demonstrates a profound commitment to freeing beings from suffering states, whether through meditation, study, art, travel or science.


Lama Mark has been studying, practicing and teaching Buddha Dharma and meditation for over thirty-five years. His root teacher was the late Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, a Canadian, who was a great meditation master and superb Dharma teacher. Lama Mark received the Empowerment of the Inner Yoga (Nang) of Vajra Yogini from Namgyal Rinpoche and soon after received the Full Mandala Empowerment from the Ven. Karma Thinley Rinpoche. He has undertaken many retreats specifically on this Yidam.


Lama Mark teaches at several Dharma centres in Canada and internationally. He is the author of the books Why Meditate?, A Heart Song of Vast Release, Union of Loving-kindness and Emptiness, the CD collection All Life Breathing, Blazing Awakeness, Contemplating Illusion Through Loving All Life and editor and author of A Basket of Gems.


This retreat is limited to 16 participants and spaces will fill quickly. This is a full three-month retreat. *Each participant will be required to fill out a detailed application form prior to being accepted to attend the retreat. Applications will be considered by the Queenstown Dharma House as advised by Lama Mark.


*Applicants must have completed at least one entire branch of The Extra Ordinary Foundation Practices (Ngon-dro) (111,111 of either Refuge-Prostrations & Bodhicitta, Vajrasattva Visualization & 100 syllable mantra, Mandala Offering or the Guru Yoga).


Please contact Alan at for a pre-registration form.



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