2013 Sensei Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

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Western Mysteries with Sensei Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

November  2013

Western Mysteries
with Sensei Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

November 2013 Teachings at the Queenstown Dharma Centre
12 Lake Street, Queenstown, NZ.
Western Mystery Teachings extended!

The Western mystery tradition has continued in Western society since time immemorial. While repressed by the church, its meditative and psychologically transformative techniques survived through the ages. Focusing on the archetypes of our Western understanding, such as the High Priestess, the Hermit and the Fool, to name a few, the psyche is taken on a journey from its conditioned origin, subject as it is to suffering, forward to the liberated mind of a ‘master’. A master is one who knows the order and place of things in both society and in transcendence. Masters are beings who can transform the root energies of depression, anxiety and the like into their original state of clarity, love and compassion. These teachings examine how this work is accomplished through the Path of the adept, moving through the archetypes into the light of wisdom and understanding.