Exploration Beyond Mindfulness

We can sense that our lives are fundamentally incomplete. There is a ‘knowing’ that eludes us. Through application of the Three Wisdoms in conjunction with somatic practices we can recognise this transformational truth.   Thursday evenings at 5.45pm from 26 Nov to 17 Dec, inclusive. Check the programme page for more details.

Breathing Sanity

contemplative conversations and teachings with Tarchin Hearn November 14 – 22, 2020Weekends: 10-12 amTue, Wed, Thu: 7-8:30 pm Living in turbulent times.Yearning for goodness.Bowled over by pandemics of fear and grasping and fortress behavior.Tentatively feeling our way towards meaningful ways of being.Not back to normal but onward toSomething Beautiful for the World. Teacher, author and…

“AWAKEN!” with Jonathan Chambers, 10-18 Oct 2020

We have the pleasure to announce that Jonathan Chambers will be teaching in Queenstown in October. Jonathan is a long-term practitioner of Buddha-dharma, meditation and yoga and is a registered craniosacral therapist. Jonathan will lead a series of classes exploring how Buddhist Dharma, supported by meditation and embodiment practice, can transform the way we view…

Geshe Jampa Tharchin, 29-30 July 2020

We have the pleasure to announce that Geshe Jampa Tharchin will be returning to Queenstown in July. Geshe-la is the resident teacher at Chandrakirti Meditation Center in Upper Moutere, Nelson, and is speaking in Queenstown on authentic Tibetan Buddhist techniques and how they can be practically applied to our modern lives. Guru Puja Tsog offering…

Lama Mark Webber, Video Conference Classes

Classes are now irregular – subscribe to the newsletter at to stay informed. Note: The times of these classes have changed, and the link will now be posted here 20 minutes before the class starts. Classes are now at 6:30am NZ time on Wednesdays only, starting from June 3. We have the pleasure to…

Lama Mark Webber, February 2020 Teachings in Queenstown

Lama Mark Webber brings over forty years of study, practice and teaching, helping to understand both the cause of suffering states and their cessation — a path of freedom, compassion and innate happiness. Visit our events page to find out more about Lama Mark Webber, and his teaching schedule from February 21st to March 16th, 2020

Primordial Dharma

Explorations of Meaningful Living in Disruptive Times August 17 – 25, 2019 Join us to explore a path of living that is good at the beginning, good in the middle and good at the end – deepening wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness for the sake of all of us. Classes on the weekends will be 9am…

Thursday evening classes: What is Our True Potential?

The answer can be discovered through the practice of meditation as crafted over millennia with this perennial question in mind.    You are invited to participate in this life enriching process of discovery Thursday evenings at 5.45pm. Check the programme page for more details.

Returning to the Source

Dialogues with Jangchub Reid Friday, 19th to Monday, 22nd April, 2018 Visit the the event page to learn more about Jangchub’s visit.