Grant & Tash Rix – Mindfulness & Awakening Schedule

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Natasha and Grant RixThe Queenstown Dharma Centre are very pleased to be hosting Grant & Tash Rix from Mindful Living for a series of teachings and urban retreat workshops over late September and early October 2015.

Please note the Understanding Mindfulness seminar will be hosted at the Wakatipu Senior Citizens Rooms. All other classes will be hosted at the Queenstown Dharma Centre 

Understanding Mindfulness?

What is it? Why cultivate it?

Open to everyone, this seminar is ideal for education and healthcare professionals and practitioners seeking to understand mindfulness in greater depth. Hosted by Grant Rix.

Date: Wed 23rd Sept 6:30pm–9:00pm, REPEATED  Thu 24th Sept 9:00am–12:00pm

Cost: $10, tea and coffee provided

Venue: Wakatipu Senior Citizens Rooms, Level 1, 10 Memorial St, Queenstown

Interest in mindfulness and mindfulness based interventions is growing exponentially in the modern world, particularly within healthcare, education and at work.

In this seminar, Grant will attempt to shed light on these questions, outline some of the key principles of mindfulness practice that are necessary for cultivating a more mindful way of being, and introduce participants to proven strategies for cultivating greater mindfulness in everyday life.

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Easeful abiding, loving enquiry, compassionate action

An urban non-residential retreat with Grant Rix

While participants are encouraged to attend all classes if possible, those unable to do so are welcome to attend as many sessions as they are able.

Thursday 24 September 7.00-9.00pm

Friday 25 September 7.00-9.00pm

Saturday 26 September 9.00-11.30am

Sunday 27 September 9:00am – 3:00pm

(an opportunity to deepen the explorations with a full day of practice, please bring a plate for a shared lunch)

Cost: $5 per session

Dana (a personal donation to the Teacher) may also be offered

Venue: Queenstown Dharma Centre, 12 Lake St, Queenstown

The retreat is open to practitioners of all levels who have a heartfelt aspiration to unfold wisdom and compassion for the sake of all life.

Daily Mindfulness for Wellbeing

A short mindfulness course of teaching and guided practice with Tash Rix.

People are welcome to attend as many or as few classes as they can get to, each stands independently – while all three classes, and the following retreat day – will build-on and complement each other.

Thursday 1 October 7.00-9.00pm

Friday 2 October 7.00-9.00pm

Saturday 3 October 9.00-11.30am

Cost: $5 per session

Dana (a personal donation to the Teacher) may also be offered

Venue: Queenstown Dharma Centre, 12 Lake St, Queenstown

Mindfulness helps us to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Develop new coping skills
  • Increase mind-body calm and clarity
  • Improve communication
  • Increase self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Improve general wellbeing and happiness


Touching the Heart of Awakening

Retreat day of meditation practice with Tash Rix

Sunday 4 October 9.00am – 3.00pm

Please bring a plate for a shared lunch

Cost: $5

Dana (a personal donation to the Teacher) may also be offered

Venue: Queenstown Dharma Centre, 12 Lake St, Queenstown

The retreat day is suitable for those who have a heartfelt aspiration to unfold wisdom and compassion for the sake of all life, whether they are new to meditation, or have some experience. Take a day to balance body and mind, and restore an inner calm and clarity. This relaxed day will provide participants with an experiential understanding of the four foundations of mindfulness, weaving classical Buddhist teachings from the Satipatthana Sutra with practices that are relevant and meaningful for people’s good functioning and sane living.


me croppedTash Rix is a mindfulness and meditation teacher with 16 years practice experience and is the founder and principle teacher of Mindful Living ( Tash also works with Grant on the Mental Health Foundation’s Mindful Aotearoa initiative, in particular training and supporting  mindfulness facilitators to deliver the Pause, Breathe, Smile 8-week mindfulness programme for NZ school children. Grant and Tash Rix are based near Tauranga with their six-year old daughter Amelia.

Grant 2015Grant Rix has been studying and practising mindfulness and meditation for 16 years. He is the Operations Manager for Mindful Aotearoa, part of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, where he develops and manages various mindfulness initiatives including the Pause, Breathe, Smile mindfulness in schools programme.