LMW 2019 Registration

Lama Mark has kindly agreed to the most comprehensive month of public teachings.

Anyone interested in hearing this acclaimed teacher should seriously consider taking in all these sessions.


Registration also offers substantial savings (see our list below) over casual attendance, which will be $10 per class.
Casual attendance is not possible for the retreats, though you may pay the registration fee in cash at the first class of the retreat.

In addition, we are offering a “season pass” which covers all of the classes and offers the best value to those able to attend most classes.

Further details on the programme can be viewed on the event page.

Remember to arrive 15 minutes before classes are due to start.

Also, please read our page on Dana and Fees.

Course and fee information is subject to change, please check back regularly.

Edit: apologies for those who visited our registration page prior to December 19th – course fees have been updated from this date to make pricing more consistent across classes.

To register:

  1. Select the series for which you want to register from the table below.
  2. Email programme@dharmacentre.org.nz with the series codes.
  3. Pay the applicable fees to bank account: Kiwibank, 38-9006-0765486-09, including your name and the series code/s in the reference fields.



Code Series Dates Classes Reg.fee $/class
WB What is Buddhist Meditation Feb 1 1 $0 $0.00 No charge introduction
BO Bodhicitta Feb 2 – Feb 3 4 $32 $8.00
ELD Empowerment of Longevity and Deathlessness Feb 5 1 $0 $0.00 Free
AYY Amitayus yab-yum longevity and deathlessness Feb 6 2 $0 $0.00 Must have received ELD
MM Mindfulness Meditation and Profound Intent Feb 8 1 $8 $8.00
UEC Unity of Emptiness and Compassion Feb 9 – Feb 10 4 $32 $8.00
ETR Torma Empowerment of the Three Roots Feb 12 1 $0 $0.00 Free
PTR Practice sessions of the Three Roots Feb 13 2 $0 $0.00 Must have received ETR
TPI Opening the Treasury of the Profound Intent Feb 15 1 $8 $8.00
TM The Mahamudra Feb 16 2 $16 $8.00
MUR Mahamudra Urban Retreat Feb 16 – Feb 23 16 $120 $7.50 Includes TM, Pre-registration required
EN Empowerment of Namgyal Feb 24 1 $0 $0.00
NP Namgyal Guru Yoga Practice Feb 25 1 $0 $0.00 Must have received EN
35 $216
SP Season Pass for 12 classes (incl TM, not MUR) 12 $90 $7.50
SPR8 Season Pass + 8 Day Urban Retreat 26 $195 $7.50