May / June Programme

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NEW from 28 MAY

Dharma Creative, last Saturday in month, starting 28 May, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
A new monthly session providing an opportunity to deepen our Dharma practice by attentive engagement in a creative space. Artistic skill is not a requirement! The class will be facilitated, not lead, to allow people to explore their relationship, and expand their familiarity with Dharma objects/emblems etc through different artistic mediums.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Colour a Thangka photocopy to aid visualisation in Sadhana practice
  • Use calligraphy to write out the Heart Sutra (in English or Tibetan), allowing every word to soak in
  • Paint a shell/flower with the recollection of nature’s interconnectedness
  • Draw seed syllables contemplating the emanations that arise
  • Copy the Sanskrit script of a mantra while practicing silent recitation

Your choice of project (short or long) is just waiting to unfold…
Some materials will be available, but please bring along any art supplies for sharing.
Facilitator: Andrea (021 440 537)

NEW from 10 JUNE

Film and Food Night, second Friday in month, starting 10 June

6:00pm Potluck (please bring a dish to share)
7:00pm Film (coffee and cake intermission)
A chance for parisa (Dharma practitioner community) to get together, once a month, over a potluck dinner. This will be followed by sharing a film through the lens of Dharma ie compassion, suffering….the usual suspects!
Facilitator: Andrea (021 440 537)

Heart Sutra Study Group, Mondays, from 6:00pm to 7:15pm
For those students wanting to dive deeper into Lama Mark’s treasured teachings on the Heart Sutra. Teachings and practices to further realization of Emptiness via meditation and shared learnings, for three months (from 2 May). All welcome, to attend weekly, practice at home, and bring insights back to the Group.
Facilitator: Darryl

Meditation For All, Thursdays, from 5:45pm to 7:00pm
Facilitators: Loris, Juerg or Andrea
Come @ 5:30pm for instructions on “how to sit”

Sadhana, Sundays, from 10.00am to 11:00am
An hour of Meditation Room bliss can be followed with social time in the Library.
Coffee and tea provided.  Please bring something edible to share.



Tibetan Buddhist monks Ven. Geshe Jamyang Sherab and Ven. Karma Gyasey will construct a Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala at the Queenstown Arts Centre from 9th to 19th June.

All welcome to participate in any part of this event.

Opening Ceremony on the 9th June at 6pm
Closing ceremony on the 19th June from 2pm

Daily Programme from 10th to 18th June
9:30am – Motivational Prayers and Meditation (bring a cushion)
10am to 4:30pm – Daily viewing – watch as the monks work on the mandala (they do take breaks for tea and lunch)
4:30pm – Dedication Prayers and Meditation

Entry: by donation
Group visits welcome!

Volunteers needed to assist in any way eg help out in the mandala room, host people, offer the monks a meal or even a helicopter ride…….!

Contact: Kaari Schlebach @ 027 235943 or