Nicolina Seboks Program, January – March 2015

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Qi Gong and Mindfulness

February 2 to March 25

Monday & Wednesday @ 8:00-9:00am

Medical Qi Gong focuses on cultivating Qi (energy), balancing the organ meridians to settle the energies for meditation, health and integrating a daily practice. We will explore mindfulness, a key component on the Path of Liberation/Buddha Dharma. It is about generosity to oneself and expanding that to others.

Dharma Class and Meditation

January 26 to March 23

Mondays @ 7:00-8:30pm

We will explore some topics from classic Buddhist texts, The Vimuttimagga (The Path of Freedom) by Arahant Upatissa and The Jewel Ornament of Liberation, by Gampopa  and practice classic meditations on the following themes: Generosity, Loving kindness and Compassion, Impermanence, Karma

Outdoor Qi Gong Practice February 3 to March 26

Tuesdays 3:00–4:00pm

Thursdays 9:00-10:00am

Outdoor Qi Gong @ Queenstown Gardens’ Rose Garden. @ Dharma Centre if raining.

We will practice Qi Gong movement, walking, and phonation at the Rose Garden in the Queenstown Gardens.

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Dharma Practice

January 29 to March 26

Thursdays @ 5.45 -7:00pm

Further explorations integrating teachings and meditations from our Monday night Dharma class and Qi Gong and Mindfulness classes.

One day Retreats

February 28 and March 21

Saturdays @ 8:30-4:00pm

For those new and seasoned in meditation. There will be a component of Qi Gong and settling explorations. The goal of these retreats will be to enhance or cultivate a daily practice. Registration required, please email Nicolina at to attend.

Latte Art Practice and Tasting  

March 22

Sunday @ 11:00am

Crafting Community and Connections Women’s Group 

Saturdays January 31, February 21 & Friday March 13


A multi-cultural social gathering to explore and share Dharma, foods, songs, languages, stories and customs to help and support new immigrants into the community. This Women’s group will be crafted by the participants and facilitated by Nicolina. If you are interested in attending please email Nicolina


Nicolinabio2In 2004, Nicolina Sebok began studying Buddha Dharma and meditation with Lama Mark Webber ( She has completed both short and long term directed and self guided retreats, including a four-month Abhidhamma and Insight retreat, and a three-month Vajra Yogini retreat. Nicolina has offered Qi Gong classes as part of Lama Mark’s retreats. Her main Qi Gong training began in 2008, in Dr. Steven Aung’s style (, Aung Medical Qi Gong. As well, Nicolina apprenticed with one of Dr Aung’s long time student, Linda Totino, as part her teacher training in Victoria, BC. Nicolina has taught Qi Gong in Vancouver, Galiano Island, Victoria, Ontario and Guatemala. In 2013 she spent three months teaching Dharma and Qi Gong at the Queenstown Dharma Centre, New Zealand. In addition to her personal practice of exploring Qi, Nicolina practices Tui Na Massage (a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Her energy/Qi training began with Reiki in 2003.