Keith Rowan, Sep 2017

Training the Heart and Mind

2-7 September (8 sessions)

Sat/Sun: 10am & 2pm, Mon-Thu: 7pm

Freedom from Anxiety in an uncertain world

9-10 September (3 sessions)

Sat: 10am & 2pm, Sun: 10am

$5 / session Donations (dana) for the teacher gratefully accepted.


Training The Heart and Mind

Buddhism is about transforming the lives of ourselves and others for the better with the emphasis placed on changing from the inside. All the material goods in the world will not make an unhappy mind happy; even poverty cannot disturb a person with a happy heart. The Buddhist teachings called Lo Jong often translated as ‘mind training’ are not just an exercise in thinking. Mind in this context includes our emotional and physical experiences. Divided into 7 main sections, Lo Jong lays out practices we can engage with that will steadily transform ourselves into happier, more confident and awake beings.

These talks can be of interest to anyone regardless of lifestyle or beliefs. Buddhism is not dogmatic but profoundly grounded in everyday experience. We don’t have to ‘believe’ anything but rather discover the truth of things for ourselves. The good news is that we all have the means to do this within us – we just have to find out how.

Freedom from Anxiety in an uncertain world

Life is a roller coaster ride – for some it is exhilarating, for others a source of nagging anxiety or worse. If anxiety plagues your life, the teachings and insights of the Buddha may offer some profound help. This short course will introduce ideas and methods that can change unhelpful habits of heart and mind for the better and ultimately cut anxiety off at its roots. The aim is not to make you a ‘Buddhist’! These ideas can be adopted by anyone as a means to transforming the way of meeting with the world.

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