Thursday Zazen

  • 07:00 PM

Thursdays, 7:00pm to 8:15pm

[Please arrive 15 mins early if you have not sat in meditation before.]

Zazen simply means sitting meditation. We start with two “rounds” of seated zazen. This means that we will sit together in mediation for 20 minutes. This is no different from the sitting practice you have carried out in the Dharma Centre or your practice at home.

On the sound of the bell we will stand and walk in “Kinhin”* for about 8 minutes.

On completion of the first round of Kinhin, we will sit and continue with a second 20 minutes of sitting mediation. On the sound of the bell we will do one final round of Kinhin and then end.

*For an explanation of Kinhin, please follow this link. As we will be confining our Kinhin to the inside of the prayer hall, you need not watch beyond the 3’30 point.

(No charge. Dana for the Centre is gratefully accepted.)

**Regular classes are occasionally cancelled or altered. Please check the Calendar for the latest information.