The Empowerment, Teachings and Practice of the Twenty-one Taras

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Te Moata Retreat Centre, Tairua, Coromandel
The Empowerment, Teachings and Practice of the Twenty-one Taras
April 22 – May 15


This retreat will commence with an Introduction to Buddhism, Refuge, and Tantra.

“The meditations of the Twenty-one Taras (female embodiments of wisdom and compassion), through the terma lineage of Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa are a powerful entry gate into liberation from fears, anxieties and all kinds of obstructions; they help in building great emotional and mental strength. 
By becoming each figure in the mandala, different types of obstacles are dissolved and strengths and talents open. This is a mandala of compassionate awake activity. Each figure is an aspect of the central green figure of Tara (Tara – “to cross over”). Around her are four different Taras representing the Four Buddha Activities of: peacefulness, unfoldment/increase, power, and fierce cutting through all obstacles.
Then there are the remaining sixteen Taras that help remove deep seated fears and anxieties and bring about immense strength. In addition to explaining the rich and ancient tradition of Tara, this is an ideal time to share some modern psychological and physiological views about anxiety and fear, trauma and the remarkable plasticity and openness of our nervous system.” – Lama Mark

Venue: Te Moata Retreat Center, Tairua, Coromandel
Accommodation: Single rooms on location
Food: Vegetarian, most food types catered
Cost: Estimate to be updated, NZ$ 2200 including single room and food
Contact: for more details or ph/text – 027 583 3606