Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche, Queenstown 2021

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Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche

Important! The live stream link has been changed to use Zoom rather than YouTube. The link below has been changed.

We are delighted to announce that Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche, one of our principal teachers, will be teaching in Queenstown from the 18th July to the 1st August, 2021.

All classes are suitable for everyone. The cost is $10 per class (on the door) with donations (dana) for the teacher gratefully accepted. There is no need to register.

The teachings will be streamed live on Zoom for those unable to attend in person. If you wish to donate (give dana) to Rinpoche, please transfer money to 38-9006-0765486-00 (Lake Street Trust) using “Dana” and “Rinpoche” as references.

The schedule, which is also in our calendar, is below. Our regular Sunday morning classes will be cancelled when Rinpoche is teaching in the afternoon.

Sunday, 18th July, 1-4pm
Developing a Good Heart: A Public Talk with general teaching on the practice of Tara

Everybody has the wish to be happy and to avoid suffering. Our wish for this does not mean that it comes automatically. It requires cultivation.

In our society we have a lot of depression, anxiety, worry and unhappiness. For many these states have become almost habitual.

From the Buddhist point of view, no matter who you are, where you are or what your circumstances are, you can change your mind into a positive state through mind training. Happiness is not great excitement, being up one minute and down the next. Happiness is being comfortable with where you are and what you do. This state requires cultivation through both effort and practice.

Rinpoche will explain the cultivation of happiness from the Buddhist perspective. Tara practice is the seed of happiness. It keeps our minds away from negativity, the source of unhappiness, and keeps us in a positive state, making our lives both happy and meaningful. It helps us to cultivate good heart, warm feeling and kindness. For these reasons Tara is referred to as a wish fulfilling jewel.

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July, 1-4pm
Cultivating Mindfulness

Rinpoche will explain the text written by Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche on Cultivating Concentration.

All sentient beings have the same desire for happiness and to lead a meaningful life, but often we think and act in ways contrary to these desires. We cannot be happy when our minds are engaged in anger, jealousy, fear and other negative emotions.

We may think that having a big house, a new fast car or great fame will lead to happiness, but a lot of people have these things and are still not happy. They worry about protecting their property and increasing their wealth and fame, becoming steadily more fearful. This leads to further unhappiness.

Happiness or sadness are created by mind. Just as a hand placed under a cold tap becomes cold and that placed under a warm tap becomes warm, a mind cultivated to be in a positive state is happy while the mind in a negative state is unhappy.

So, cultivating mindfulness is essential in generating happiness.

Saturday 31st July & Sunday 1st August, 1-4pm
The Nature of Mind

Rinpoche will explain the text written by Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche on The Nature of Mind.

Our society has a fascination with meditation, treating it almost like a new fashion. A lot of people want to meditate but sitting down, legs crossed, thinking about what you did yesterday, worrying about tomorrow, drifting off to sleep and dribbling a little bit is not meditation!

The great Master Guru Rinpoche stated that meditation is not projecting our minds outwardly, chasing desires, hopes and fears. Meditation is looking inwardly, allowing us to live in a peaceful and compassionate way.

Meditation is mind training; it is cultivating peace and compassion which are the mind’s natural seeds, the mind’s natural state of realization.