Annette Macalister: Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

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Actions: Cause and Effect

Annette has generously offered to give a series of teachings on “Change Your Mind – Change Your Life”. These take place on 3 consecutive Wednesday evenings from 26th April to 10th May, 2023 at 6:30 – 7:45 pm, immediately following Lama Mark’s month of teachings.

All are welcome; entry by dana (donation).


The Buddha taught that how the world appears to us, how our individuality is shaped and what circumstances are presented to us, all depend on the positive or negative actions we have accumulated through time. How things appear arises from causes and supporting conditions, not by chance or luck. This is something to be rejoiced since it means we can learn to practice what gives good, supportive results and avoid those actions that bring unpleasant, confusing or distracting results. Thus, our future happiness lies in our own hands.

The Buddha left easy to understand guidelines, ten types of actions to help us create positive results and avoid negative ones. A teaching on what works and what doesn’t!

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