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Dear Friend,

Lama Mark is generously offering us a month of teachings, here in Queenstown, from January 21 to February 19, 2017. These are a precious gift for which we are most grateful. The scope of the teaching is broad and is set out on the website.


The Lama’s only source of income is Dana (Koha) given by those who attend his teachings. He gives the teachings and we give Dana so he can give teachings… and so on… the “Cycle of Dana”. This tradition of generosity has ensured that profound teachings have reached us more than 2,500 years after the Buddha. You can give directly to the Lama by putting donations directly in the bowl before the class (envelopes are available for larger sums) and/or placing an envelope at his feet during an empowerment.

Tax Deductible Donations

The expense of bringing Lama Mark from Canada and supporting his stay is covered by the Dharma Centre. We require donations from our community to cover these costs. We have a funding target for the visit of $14,000. This goes to cover flights, accommodation, living expenses, teaching aids, shrine materials etc for his stay in Queenstown. Expenses for the Wangapeka retreat and his teachings at other centres are being funded separately.

To ensure your donations go further, we are now able to issue tax receipts for any funds you pay into the Lama Mark Visit 2017 Fund bank account. When you make a funds transfer to the  bank account, we can issue you a tax receipt which allows you to apply for a tax credit from the Inland Revenue. Unfortunately we can’t issue a tax receipt for donations in the bowl. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please transfer funds by Friday 20 January 2016 to:


Account: LMW Visit 2017


If you would like a tax receipt to obtain the tax credit, please include your surname as reference in your bank transfer and email your full name and the amount donated to treasurer@dharmacentre.org.nz.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions are set out below.

With gratitude

Mark Edghill

Chair (on behalf of the Trustees)

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are donations being introduced for this visit when previous visits have not required them?
    We are now in a position to offer tax credits, which is a more effective way of supporting teachers.
  • Will my donation be made public?
    You may donate anonymously. If you require a tax receipt you will need to provide your name. However, only the trustees of the Lake Street Trust have access to the banking records.
  • How do I get my tax credit? The Lake Street Trust is a registered charitable organisation and will issue a tax receipt which can be used by you to claim a tax credit.
  • Do I still have to pay for the classes? The registration fees help pay for the costs of the visit.
  • Can the registration fees get a tax credit? Tax credits are only available for donations. In the case of registration fees you are receiving a “service” under tax law.
  • What if we raise more than the target? Any funds raised in excess of the target will be donated to Lama Mark.
  • Can I make donations with tax credits outside fund raising for this visit? If this approach proves popular, the trustees will consider making it available for general donations.